The Search for Strength

What God did was intervene in my comfortable life. He took everything that I held onto and basically stripped it away so that I could see Him. Like all of us, He gives us choices. I could have walked away from Him being angry and upset or I could submit to Him, depend on Him and find Him in the midst of the trial.

Tutus Don't Make Girls Perfect

I love my children, I love being a mom. They have filled my life with so much joy and happiness, but being a mom is a full-time job. An exhausting, but rewarding job. I understand that things could be worse, but I also understand that God places seasons in our lives for us to grow and to seek him. I’m in that season right now. I wanted to share, because as my youngest is turning a year old, I’ve fought through trials of self-doubt, fear, insecurity and more.

Priscilla and the Hand of Fellowship

The need is great. There are now more acknowledged women leaders in every sphere of influence than at any other time in history, writes Bev Murrill. And while a mentor is a tremendous gift to a rising leader, “the grim truth is that most female leaders will never be mentored.”  Mentors are needed, and empowered by the Spirit, we must rise up and meet that need.

The Unknown Hurt

I think for many out there, singleness has become an ice-breaker into conversation. Instead of “Hey! How are you?” it’s “Hey! Are you seeing anyone yet?” What seems so fun and casual is anything but for some of us. So I compiled a list of things that have been said to myself directly, or to my single girlfriends, and why they could be unknowingly hurtful.

Stressed is Not Just Desserts Spelled Backwards

If you see me most days; Monday - Friday, 9 to 5,  on the outside, I must look like a very stable, happy and poised woman. However, if I could peel back the curtains and you could see my insides on Monday - Friday, 9 to 5, I look like one of the screaming and terrified citizens running through town in some doomsday movie waiting for it all to completely crumble; just quaking in my boots and waiting for the fall...

Rogue Waves

In watching the way that waves had changed the landscape of my beach, I thought about how often has the landscape of my own life had changed; with or without my permission or effort, whether or not I liked it. The reality is, the sand doesn’t get to tell the waves where it would like to go (to the top of the hill please). Sometimes we go kicking and screaming when our landscapes changes.

Room at The Table

People imagine a table with a limited number of seats. Someone always ends up sitting at the end, and the more room you make the farther away someone feels from the conversation. But the reality is, with this table, the more people sit, the more people are honest and are willing the share, the closer we all feel. The less “other”, the less “outside”, the less “outlier”.
We are all a part of this. Consider this your invitation!

Wherever you go, there you are

I am a forward thinker. What’s my next move? What’s my next meal, next work schedule, next life stage etc etc. I’m never quite content with where I am, always feeling antsy that I should be making big strides for my future.


Yet, what I guess really pains my heart, is that I have spent so much of my life operating under the idea that God NEEDS to be in everything and have quickly tossed into my subconscious the idea that God WANTS to be in everything.


Often, I notice Christians acting this way in secular contexts. I have witnessed many become upset because something completely separate from Christianity is lacking in Christian-ness. We often feel as if Christianity is owed a larger amount of representation than we would be willing to give other groups.

Dashboard Lights

Whatever your dashboard lights are, call those things out. Tell your friends about them. Ask them to tell you when they see you drifting into those habits and attitudes.